domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

Effectiveness analysis of IMS application and the influence on the competiveness of the Peruvian formal mining sector

The present publication is an extract from the investigation performed by the author during 2008 in order to obtain the title of Master´s in Industrial Engineering at the Ricardo Palma University in Peru through the analysis of the sectorial information of the Peruvian formal mining industry with statistic data extracted during the period 1997-2007 for the active mining units in accordance with the official information of the Minister of Energy and Mines of the Republic of Peru and the information of management results obtained by the principal large and mid-sized mining companies, in particular those that have trustworthy information of public character that are listed on the major stock exchanges of the world. The investigation shows that the integration of the Environmental Management Systems and Industrial Safety Management and/or Occupational Health systems applied in the industry have created an increase in competitively in the Peruvian Mining companies that have carried out said integration showing performance results superior to the organizations that have applied the processes of integration in comparison with those that do not have such management systems integrated o that only have one such system operational in its organizations.

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