viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

Schwarz Instrumental Model (A System with low entropy and high effectiveness)

ABSTRACT - (Doctoral Thesis - UNI 2013)

The historical process of integration of management systems in the industry shows that there are two broad approaches that bring together the integration of various specialized aspects of the business. On one side is the integrated approach to management systems primarily commercial, logistical, operational, human resources, financial and accounting that are designed to record activities and their relationships while generating a change in the ledger accounts of the organization through the type systems called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). On the other side is the approach that consists primarily of quality systems, safety, occupational health and environment from the merger and integration of common components in order to exercise differentiated management to transform the internal and external performance of organizations through the type systems called International Standard Organization (ISO).

The research proposes an Instrumental Model of Integrated Management System (Schwarz Model), developed by induction an integrated model to describe the components that make it up and then by deduction build an improved instrument model. It makes use of the concepts of efficiency, effectiveness and Shannon entropy as evaluation parameters including Monte Carlo simulations to complete the evaluation of their performance in relation to existing models on the market identified in the prior art. The results show that the proposed method has lower entropy, better efficiency and effectiveness than existing models on the market.

The Schwarz instrumental model proposes a instrumental mechanism with better effectiveness, efficiency, and lower entropy. It is free use and can be applied to any type of organization in any scale and nature. The design model exceeds in the parameters evaluated to models existent currently in the market.

Max Schwarz