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A measure of uncertainty based in entropy to quantify the impact of the loss information of management systems

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The structure of the management system contains the sequencing order system components forming a unique architecture that models the management process, determining a configuration that expresses the relationship between various components integrating the system and thereby defines specific properties that characterize it. The property management system may ultimately be reduced to measures of efficiency, effectiveness and entropy as key capabilities that depend strictly on the structure of the management system analyzed.

The components of a management system possess differentiated weights according to the magnitude, frequency or relative importance in the contribution generated by the model, so it is natural that certain components have a greater weight than others. This involves assigning specific weights to each component according to particular contribution to management. The present work shows, as regardless of initial weight distribution is made, there is always a raised distribution convergence towards a perfect weight structure that reflects what is observed in the business world.

This research proposes a measure to quantify the uncertainty caused by lost information that is generated by partial absence of components in management systems. The procedure makes use of estimation based in Shannon's entropy like measure of disorder. Also makes use Taguchi’s loss function of quality, the weights components of management, converge to a configuration of ideal weights that minimized loss function

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